ROOTED celebrates our common connection to food by getting our hands in the soil and having fun in the kitchen.


celebrates our common connection to food.

We are seed savers, storytellers, gardeners, herbalism practitioners, home cooks, and foragers, and you're invited to join us. These roots are woven throughout our recipes and essays.

We celebrate seasonal food by getting our hands in the soil and through joyful creativity in the kitchen. We're ROOTED in:

  • finding fun and creative ways to use everyday ingredients

  • storytelling

  • community

  • sustainability

  • celebrating and stewarding relationships between plants and humans

  • celebrating the changing seasons with locally grown and foraged produce

  • advocating for equitable, accessible, local, nutritious, and affordable food systems

  • building sustainable, equitable, just, and regenerative food systems, starting at home

Whether you are here for the stories or the recipes, we hope that you will have fun in the kitchen, appreciate the plants and their histories with us, and place the land you are on and the people local to it in the center.

Check out our BLOG for tips and tricks on gardening, herbalism and practicing permaculture. And read the zine for seasonal recipe guidelines and ideas for using what you grow.


ROOTED is brought to you by Mairi and Cate, two sisters who grew up gardening, foraging, and preserving a variety of wild foods. We're lifelong bakers, and our formative working years were spent in food service and gourmet kitchens. In our free time, we experimented in our own.

Mairi is a certified Permaculture Designer and has been working in the food system since 2013, including on a small market farm. She started studying food systems first hand in 2019, largely through community-based participatory research focused on regional economic development through food. Mairi is currently a PhD student in UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management in the Land Use Change lab, and is also pursuing a designated emphasis with the Folklore Graduate Group. Her work interrogates questions of capital, access, regenerative farming practices, multispecies justice, culinary nationalism, and botanical heritage in food systems on land and at sea.

Cate is an herbalist and forager. She is the founder of Blueberry Road Botanicals, a science-based herbal skincare line, and is studying to become a clinical herbalist. She works in non-profit development.

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